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Why trust in the Lord

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On Thursday we looked at what it means to trust the Lord. The other part of the message is – why trust in the Lord? I hope you are blessed by this message also.


Our trust in the Lord should lead to obedience. If we truly trust the Lord and all his promises then our trust in Him should cause us to obey Him. Our submission to God’s word and guidance shows how much we do trust the Lord. If we do we really trust the Lord we will not do things according to our own wisdom and understanding but rather submit to God’s guidance for His will to be perfected in our lives with reference to (Proverbs 3:5-6). If we want to excel in our obedience to God, we first need to learn trust in Him

Charles Wesley on this point states: “Trust also implies obedience. It means working with God to produce the results. We can not sit down and fold our hands in idleness and expect things to work themselves out. We must be workers, not shirkers. The man who prays for a bountiful harvest but prepares no ground and plants no seed will pray in vain. Faith and works must go together. We must permit God to direct our efforts and command our efforts. We must be willing to work when he wants us to work and in the way he wants us to work. Our attempts to trust will amount to nothing if we are not willing to obey. Right here is the secret of many people’s trouble; they are willing to obey so long as the thing commanded is what they themselves would choose, but when it is otherwise they are not so ready. Our obedience must be full and willing, or we can not trust.


Our trust in the Lord brings forth peace which surpasses all understanding ( Philippians 4:7) . This peace calms our souls in times of distress and not give up in trusting Him as it gives an assurance of who God is. Also, this peace also consumes any doubts that may creep up to cause us to despair or fret.


Lastly, in Charles Wesley Naylor’s words, “trusting brings confidence. It permits us to see God in his true character. It causes us to realize the greatness and tenderness of his love. It gives us a consciousness of his might, and through it we are sheltered under his wings. By it our enemies lose their power; our dangers, their terrors. We have a consciousness of safety, and that brings rest. He has said, “Ye shall find rest unto your souls.” He who trusts finds this soul-rest. God has not given us turmoil and trouble. He has said, “In me ye shall have peace”; and again, “My peace I give unto you.” Are not these precious promises? Are they true in your life? God means that they shall be. Trust will make them real to you. They never can be real until you learn to trust. Trust is the root that upholds and nourishes the tree of Christian life. It is trust that causes it to blossom and to bring forth fruit, and the more fully you trust, the greater and richer and more profuse will be the fruits of your righteousness. ” – Charles Wesley Naylor

Brethren, if we want our relationship with God to blossom then we need to learn to trust Him each day. We cannot connect deeper with God unless we learn to trust Him.