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Truth for Life Ministries formerly know E.A. Ministries is a Christian youth evangelistic ministry commissioned by God to reach the world and change lives through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel.


Our mission is to teach people especially youth, the biblical doctrines of Christ and His Salvation.


Truth for Life Ministries is a Christian evangelistic ministry established to instruct and disciple youths in what it means to be a Christian, how to mature as a Christian, and how to encourage others to claim Jesus as their Savior. We accomplish this through teaching, relationship building and/or mentoring the youth. At Truth for Life Ministries, we organize a series of programs, projects, and activities that give young people an opportunity to participate in Church life, develop personal relationship with God and discover new relationships or friendships.

Our Motto is: Building, Equipping and Reaching out for God’s Kingdom.

Truth for Life Ministries is blessed by God with good teachings and ministers of the Gospel. Mr. Emmanuel Amponsah, the Founder and the President of Truth for Life Ministries together with the other executives have been a blessing to many people in the ministry of God.

We help the youth to unearth their God-given talents and the gifts of the Holy Spirit which enables them to develop both spiritually and personally. Also, we seek to help the youth share their gifts, grow in God’s Grace, develop a positive self-image, help those in need, and foster social change, build a personal spirituality and prayer life, apply faith to daily life, develop Christian values and a personal relationship with Jesus.

Truth for Life Ministries is currently affiliated with Christ In You-Worldwide, Helplife Foundation Ghana, Singers and Speakers Association (SASA) and Faithers Inc.


Truth for Life Ministries envisions seeing the TRUTH of JESUS CHRIST resound in social media. We believe that the youth is the hope of this generation and the future that is waiting to be happened. Social Media is the most powerful tool that a youth nowadays can possess since every information is at the tip of his or her fingers and because of this, we as a ministry firmly believe that social media must be penetrated by mighty men and women of God in order to spread the Good News easily and effectively.  We believe that social media has the power to influence an entire generation because the internet makes it possible to connect with people even if they live across the world and in different countries. We believe that because of the internet and social media, more people can hear and grasp the Truth that Jesus Christ is the one and only Savior and that apart from Him, nobody saves.

We use the Internet and Social Media to spread the Good News in three ways:  Online Radio, Online TV, Facebook and Twitter. The primary purpose of using the Online Radio, Online TV and Social Media is to let the Truth about Jesus Christ be heard to the ends of the earth for the glory of His name. The only name that this ministry wants to be lifted up is the name of Jesus Christ. All of these things we do are for His Fame and everything will take place through the power of His Name.

Our Online Radio station, Truth4Life Radio helps us in our pursuit of reaching the world with the Good News. We have live programs and prerecorded programs we air on the radio. You can tune in here.

You can find also us on Facebook and Twitter. We use these social networks to also spread the Word of God and evangelize to God’s people.

Facebook: E.A. Ministries

Twitter: @eaministries & @TeamChristInYou