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Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

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“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3 ESV)

The first time I read this, I asked myself, “what does this mean?” Spiritual poverty means realising that you need nothing except God’s help or being fully dependent on God.

As believers, we should be like the poor person, humble and earnestly seeking God for His righteousness and holiness through Christ.

The person who is spiritually poor needs Christ righteousness to be made righteous. Those who are spiritually poor do not seek for their own righteousness but Christ’s righteousness.

An example of spiritual poverty is in Isaiah 6 when Isaiah saw The Lord and realised he was undone. Isaiah realised that His focus, faith and hope should be in the Lord because He is the one that can atone for his guilt of sin.

This makes us realise that apart from Christ, we are spiritually destitute regardless of our education, wealth or religion and points to us that our total spiritual destitution should make God our complete dependence.

Through spiritual poverty, that is when we receive and thrive for His son’s righteousness and holiness to be made heirs of the Kingdom of God.

“For theirs is the kingdom of heaven” – not only the Gospel, and the ministration of it, which belongs to them. “The poor have the Gospel preached”: it not only reaches their ears, but their hearts; it enters into them, is applied unto them, they receive and embrace it with the utmost joy and gladness; but eternal glory, this is prepared for them, and given to them; they are born heirs of it, have a right unto it, are making meet for it, and shall enjoy it.-Gill

Brethren, spiritual poverty has eternal value and  leads us to emptying ourselves for God to fill us with His love and Spirit. Amen!

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