Faith, Word for Today

Confident of God’s Goodness

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To God be the glory, great things He has done. All glory and honour to our Wonderful and Gracious Father. Awesome and great things He will continue to do in our lives. We thank God for another day, for His amazing Grace and deeper Revelation. Today’s message is titled, “Confident of God’s Goodness.”

Scripture Reference:

I am still confident of this:

I will see the goodness of the Lord

in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13 NIV84)



People of God, I write today’s message to encourage each and every one of us never to lose hope because the God we serve is a living God and definitely, you will see His goodness in the land of the living as it says in Psalm 27:13.

My definition of God’s goodness is embodied in His Love, Salvation, Grace and Blessings for mankind. It is in all these that we see that God is good.

Whatever you are trusting God for in this life, I want to tell you today that so far as it is line with His will and purpose for your life, it will come to pass. Just as Abraham, Moses, Esther, and all these great men and women in the bible received God’s goodness so would you, if you would only decide to stop worrying, or stressing yourself but rather believing in God and also praying.  So far as you are living no matter what, be confident of God’s goodness.

Many times, you might go through situations and you will definitely ask yourself why this is happening to you and all. I want to tell you that in all things God is good and faithful to His promises. This simple truth is what you must understand. God wants to show Himself mighty in all the difficult situations in your life. He wants to use the situations in your life that you see as hopeless, to show you His mighty power and His love for you.

You might see things to be difficult now but nothing is too hard for the Lord; probably your finances are going bad, there are issues in your marriage and relationship, your academics might be nothing to write home about, and so you see life as something else. Maybe as I even write, you are even sick and facing other difficult issues but I want to tell you this today; in everything God is faithful and once you continue to trust Him, you will taste His goodness.

I want to pray with you, I believe God will speak in your life in Jesus Name, Amen!

Let’s pray:

Father, we thank you for a day like this. We thank you for your word today. Thank you for your power and might that is at work in us. Father, I lift up your people before you. I ask that you move mightily in their lives. I bind every spirit of death, sickness, doubt, and deceit that is coming against their lives right now. Father in the name of Jesus, I take authority over all sickness and disease, all financial, and academic difficulties, and all problems in the family and home. I command that your power is touching the lives of your people now and bad situations are turning around for their good. Grant unto your people, good health, good jobs, good grades and every good thing just as your word says in James 1:17 that, “every good and perfect gift is from above…” Father, be who you are in the lives of these your people in Jesus Name! I declare that today, you will see God’s glory and goodness in your life. Amen…

It’s a done deal! God has spoken. Have a blessed day!!