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One Main Reason You Should Read The Bible

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Let’s face it. Every christian knows he or she has to read the Bible. As a matter of fact, if i had started with “Read your Bible because God…” you would have skipped this post before i finished mouthing the name Jack. Why? Because you’ve heard the same speech being thrown and hammered into your head since your diaper wearing days in Sunday School.

So No! I am not going to tell you to read your Bible. Instead, i am going to tell you one reason (probably the most important) WHY you should read it. Here it is:


Now you are probably thinking, “Yooku, really? what is this you are telling me!?” Well, let me explain.

Take for example, you’ve saved money and bought a fancy new generator for yourself. You open the box and find a “manual” which tells you how to fix and operate it. But lo and behold! You are in your second year of university, majoring in Mechanical Engineering so you throw the manual in the nearest dust bin, “I can do it myself!” You put it together on your own and it works fine for a couple of weeks. Then all of a sudden your machine starts shaking uncontrollably and eventually blows up…

 The Bible represents the Manual, God is the Creator/Maker of the generator, which in turn refers to Your Life. Everything you need to function properly and work to your fullest capacity can be found in this eternal manual called the Bible. You don’t believe me? Check this out…

Proverbs 6:10 tells you just one of the numerous ways to avoid sliding into poverty. (economic progression)

Jeremiah 17:9 tells you “hey! dont always follow your heart desires cause it can get you in trouble” (peaceful living)

Ephesians 5:25 tells husbands one of the most important elements needed to keep a great marriage.

We could go on and on but i am sure you get the drill…

Too often we think we have found our own way because things are happening for us, just for us to question ourselves when we reach a dead end.

Don’t be the guy that waits for his generator to blow up. You can dodge that bullet… your Creator wants you to function to accomplish the reason you were made, in other words… He wants you to fulfill the purpose for which you were given life.