Weekly Round up

Weekly Round Up-(01/03/15-07/03/15)

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We have added something different to our site this year where we would like to keep our readers updated about the things happening in the Christian world for the week. This week we have:

Reach Records deactivates ReachLife, shifts support to local school (click to read)

Shai Linne screaming ‘Jesus’ influenced Eshon Burgundy’s album ‘The Fear of God’ (click to read)

Desiring God on Selma (click to read)

Eshon Burgundy’s new album “The Fear Of God” (click to read)

Canadian pastor being held in North Korea (click to read)

Quest Church has purchased the building formerly known as Mars Hill Church (click to read)

How 1993 changed Sean C. Johnson’s life and shaped his album ‘Circa 1993’ (click to read)

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