March 22, 2015

Weekly Round-up – (15/03/2015-21/03/2015)

Weekly Round-up – (15/03/2015-21/03/2015)

This week we have gathered these news and resources for you and we hope these news keep you informed about things happening in the christian world as well as these resources blesses you. All these resources are from external sites therefore by clicking on them you will be directed to those sites.

Kirk Franklin criticises Creflo Dollar’s appeal for a new private jet

John Piper on why PHDs in theology commit adultery-“Too many christians are fighting graduate school sins with grammar school knowledge of God”

Francis and Lisa Chan talks about how their not perfect christians and how they fight for an ounce of holiness everyday in an interview

Jason gives a break down about his album titled “No Filter”

Creflo Dollar ends his appeal for a new jet

Seekers vs Sinners by Jeremiah Johnson

The reformation study bible for ESV is available  

Saddleback Church celebrates 35 years of ministry 

Hillsong head pastor Brain Houston to interview Mark Driscoll at 2015 conferences

John MacArthur on Men’s and Women’s role

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